Bruno Vassari Canada - Cell Active Restorative Fluid SPF20    50ml - Airless

Product Code : 0260

Regenerative fluid based on vegetal stem cells. It has a strong anti-age activity while it firming and softening the skin. It provides strength to the epidermis and, thanks to UV filters, protects it from free radicals responsible for early aging.
Bruno Vassari Canada - Cell Active Lineless Night Cream    50ml

Product Code : 0261

Cream rich in vegetal stem cells with a global anti-age effect. It redensifies the epidermis, strengthens the skin and keeps it firm, smooth and flexible. It also contains argan oil, hialuronic acid, and soy extract which confer a nourishing and moisturising effect.
Bruno Vassari Canada - Cell Active Eye Concentrate    15ml

Product Code : 0262

Eye contour cream with vegetal stem cells that stimulate tissue firmness, redensifies the skin and has a global anti-age effect. It also contains actives against eye circles and eye bags. It provides a youthful look.
Bruno Vassari Canada - Cell Active Intensive Anti-age Treatment    6 Treatments

Product Code : 2243

Intensive firming and anti-age treatment. This treatment is especially formulated with vegetal stem cells, which main function is to re-densify the epidermis, to strengthen the skin and keep it firm and moisturised. It also protects from free radicals, responsible for the early ageing of the skin. The use of vegetal stem cells allows the introduction of active substances that haven’t suffered any technological stress.