Bruno Vassari Canada Collagen Booster Enzyme Cleansing Powder    50g

Product Code : 0271

Cleanser powder with scrub activity. The enzymes contained in its formula help to remove dead cells and the regeneration of new ones. Lightens and tones the skin.

Bruno Vassari Canada Collagen Booster Clarifying Milky Toner    2000ml

Product Code : 0272

Light toner that completes your daily skin care. Protects the skin against the early ageing and lack of luminosity. Contains a stable derivative of the Vitamin C that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and a polysaccharide that hydrates and smoothes the skin.

Bruno Vassari Canada Collagen Booster C+C Synergy Serum    7ml x 3

Product Code : 0273

Anti age serum, formulated with a stable derivative from Vitamin C and its pure form, both with antioxidant properties that stimulate the synthesis of collagen. Also enriched with polysaccharides and hyaluronic acid with a moisturizing function. Smoothes, hydrates and provides brightness to the skin. Once opened, must be used within 10 days.

Bruno Vassari Canada Collagen Booster Power C Peptide Cream    50ml Airless

Product Code : 0274

Cream formulated with the peptide cocktail and a derivative of Vitamin C, which both fight against the early ageing signs. Ideal for dull skin, with lack of vitality and hydration, corrects the skin tone and provides brightness. Stimulates the formation of all the collagen types and assures a firm, highly resistant and elastic skin surface.

Bruno Vassari Canada Collagen Booster Peptide Night Cream    50ml

Product Code : 0276

Night cream formulated with a peptide complex that fights against the ageing signs. Stimulates the formation of any type of collagen and assures a firm skin surface, highly resistant and elastic. Nourishes, soothes and skin.

Bruno Vassari Canada Collagen Booster Peptide Eye Contour Gel Cream    15ml

Product Code : 0277

Triple action, anti-wrinkle, anti-eye-bags and anti-dark shadows for a perfect look; smoothes, softens and illuminates. Treatment that modifies the drawing of the wrinkles due to the combination of powerful actives and a peptidic complex.

Bruno Vassari Canada Collagen Booster Vitamin C Blur    10ml x 2pcs

Product Code : 0209

It is a new concept that helps us make wrinkles, imperfections, open pores and even the bothersome shine of the face disappear visually. The secret of Blur Creams is that they optically smooth the skin, making the light blur on the face. It is the only one formulated with 4% Vitamin C in its composition, so it is therefore considered a cream that improves and treats the skin. The result is even more spectacular!

Bruno Vassari Canada Collagen Booster Microderm Polisher Powder    50gm

Product Code : 2300

This powder is formulated with Bamboo, Vitis Vinifera and Coconut Oil. Microdermabrasion which removes dead cells and impurities. It revitalize the skin and leaves the skin smooth with a silky texture.

Bruno Vassari Canada Collagen Booster Collagen Booster Method    5 treatments

Product Code : 2304

Regenerative and anti ageing treatment. The main actives of this treatment are: a peptide cocktail that stimulates the collagen synthesis and the Vitamin C, which maintains the skin younger due to its antioxidant activity. The result: a healthy, firm, flexible and luminous skin.